In sporting news, no story will be getting more attention than the recent arrest of 14 top officials within the FIFA organization this week in Switzerland. Under accusation of corruption, Swiss police arrested the men at a meeting of top ranking individuals within FIFA. The United State Justice Department requested such action after finding that bribed may have been taken by officials in exchange for contract rights across different disciplines.url

FIFA President, Sepp Blatter was not one of the officials charged and public condone any behavior related to corruption. Sepp is currently seeking a 5th term as president of the organization that oversees the most popular sporting event in the world, The World Cup. Such negative press may bring light to possible mismanagement under Sepp’s tenure, but the president is looking to use this a jumping off point in organizational reform. The newest vote for president will be held tomorrow, Friday 5/29/15.

Sepp has vowed to uphold the integrity of the FIFA name and reform oversight of the company. This may help the incumbent to retain his place atop the organization but his closest opponent has a strong support behind him. Prince Ali bin al-Hussein of Jordan is a young, pro-reform executive committee member within FIFA and may be giving Sepp a run for his money.

While the top officials are positioning themselves for the latest presidential vote, the entire soccer community across the globe is reeling from the allegations of corruption. It is entirely heartbreaking to see a game that is beloved by so many, stained by so few.

Many world leaders stood by the United States with their pursuit of justice noting that corruption must be sniffed out and dealt with. Major corporations are also joining praises and calling for reform within FIFA. Companies like Adidas, Coca-cola, Visa and many more are outraged by the possibility of corruption within the upper ranks.