Modern day boxing pales in comparison to what it once was. The days of the sweet science are all but over, absent one last cornerstone fight. This past weekend Floyd “Money” Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao fought in what was more than a half decade long awaited fight that was ticketed as the fight of a generation. Boxing enthusiasts had a dream fight finally come to fruition as two of the best pound for pound fighters in the world came to blows. While the hype launched both boxers pay day into the stratosphere, the fight itself was less than incredible.Ari Kellen

Mayweather boxed an extremely strategic and educated match as he danced around the ring for the majority of each round, picking his punches. This type of tactic is not suited for crowd pleasing as the style of fight disappointed many. Smart boxing was enough to earn Money Mayweather his latest win bringing his career record to an astonishing 48-0 with 6 world championships in 5 separate weight classes. Throughout his nearly 50 wins Mayweather has taken down big names such as Oscar De La Hoya, and Sugar Shane Mosley along with scores of

Many viewers watched the program with the hopes of seeing a knockout or an exciting upset win by Manny Pacquiao. They would not receive any of their wishes as the match went the distance, 12 rounds, with Money taking the unanimous decision.

Mayweather has not only proven himself to be a force within the ring, he has also established himself as a tactician in the business world. Leaving his previous promotion house, Top Rank, Floyd began his own promotion company to fully integrate his supply chain and make money on both sides of the ropes.

Pulling in an unbelievable payout from the fight, Mayweather will likely pocket between $150-$120 million for the single fight, while Pacquiao will likely earn $100million to $80 million.

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