Ari Kellen SportsSports are the lifeblood of millions of people, all around the world. Ari Kellen is one of those people as well. Growing up playing all type of team sports, Ari loves the competition, the triumph, the defeat, everything that comes with sporting events. He began playing soccer among many other sports when he was a young child which sparked his love for activity. His attention then  focused to a select three, to be played in their own, mutually exclusive season so he could remain active all year long.

Football was his fall sport choice. Going from kicking a ball perpetually around a field as a child on the soccer field, Ari was then carrying a football around the field, eluding tacklers trying to bring him to the ground. Playing running back from pop-warner through high school he deeply enjoyed being a part of a team and striving to accomplish a goal bigger than his individual self. Ari was privileged to be the one to carry the ball into the endzone when the other 10 teammates on the field were working to help him get there.

Ari enjoyed the fast pace of the basketball court, fast breaks, steals, pull up jumpers, layups, he loved to run the floor and score points before the other team knew what was happening. playing shooting guard throughout youth and high school he had a knack for getting open and making shots under duress. While he was able to score consistently, basketball is a game built on balancing the court and using all five players to score points. Conversely, it takes all five players to stop the other team from scoring as well.

Baseball, America’s pastime. Ari Kellen was introduced to the game as a young boy, hitting baseballs off of a tee and running around the bases until he got to home plate. As he got older he found that his speed could be used to range the outfield and grab fly balls out of the air before they hit the ground. Playing centerfield, Ari patrol the middle of the outfield and would regularly steal would-be base hits from opponent batters with his legs and glove.

Ari’s experience in these sports sparked the interest he carries with him today. Unlike most sports fans he does not follow any one team closely but follows the sports as a whole, enjoying all matchups. College, professional, or high school, it all sparks the interest of Ari Kellen.