Mixed Feelings About Colon by Ari KellenThere were some mixed feelings for Mets fans tonight as Bartolo Colon made his first Citi Field appearance of the season.  Because this time, baseball’s lovable everyman wasn’t playing for the Mets, but rather for their fabled rivals of the NL East, the Braves.  And maybe it got to the Mets’ heads: over the course of a 12-inning game last night, the Mets were only able to get one run and five hits.  Although the Mets won their first game of the season on Monday, such playing isn’t going to get it done.  

For six innings, deGrom was doing well, yet Robles let some hits go that allowed the Braves to tie the score and bring the game into overtime.  When he went out to the mound, Colon was met with cheers from both his former teammates and their fans.  Yet after Colon spelled doom to the Mets, those fuzzy feelings may go away soon.  As Bruce pointed out, you’re almost guaranteed to get a fastball from Colon, which puts players on the defense.  By hitting Colon’s “mistakes”, few and far-between as they are, Bruce was able to score the only run for the Mets of the game.  

The Mets’ frustrations after various blown chances came to a head in overtime.  Rafael Montero, the seventh of eight Mets pitchers, wiggled out of a first-and-third, one-out jam in the 11th with a double-play grounder from Garcia.  Yet his magic died out in the 12th after Matt Kemp was able to get a two-run shot that propelled the score to 3-1 in favor of the Braves.  This might be discouraging, but it’s also only two games into baseball season.  Anything can happen, and I’m excited to see what this entails.  Hopefully I’ll get a chance to head up to Citi Field soon!