The New York Knicks current star Carmelo Anthony and General Manager Phil jackson have reportedly not spoken since free agency began, showing some serious differences in vision for the Knickerbockers. When asked how Jackson feels about Anthony’s displeasure with the direction the club is taking, Phil only answered that basketball is a team sport that needs to be played together.

Anthony, a widely considered franchise player, has been kept out of the loop regarding the free agency offers that the Knicks have been offering. Robin Lopez, Derrick Williams, Arron Afflalo and Kyle O’Quinn were added to the roster without the stars blessing. New Yorkers do not seemed worried by the rift between the two big names. Phil Jackson has a history of winning, having 11 rings as a coach and 2 as a player with the Knicks. He seems to have the complete trust of the Knicks faithful as New Yorkers will be hoping to watch a “Knicks-tape” of highlights this year.

While some high profile contracts have fallen through the cracks, Jackson’s plan to capture some high profile stars is to build the program one year at a time by winning. By picking the right players to fit into a team system, the Knicks will be able to win more games every year, which attracts free agents looking for an opportunity to win a championship.

He plans to continue to build the locker room in leadership and defensive ability. Jacksons unpopular first round draft pick, Kristaps Porzingis has been playing well in summer league and looks to be positioning himself to make an impact.

While the team gears up for next season, Carmelo is coming off a serious knee injury and no secondary scorer has emerged from the roster. As a true long term team builder, Jackson is building a program to last, the only way he knows.

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