Cost-Effective Ways to escape NYC by Ari KellenNew York may be the greatest city in the world, but sometimes it can be too much, and even the most dedicated New Yorker could do for a weekend upstate or out-of-state.  And lucky for you, getting out of the city is a lot easier than you’d expect.  I recently came across an article that shares five easy and totally affordable ways to escape the city, listed below:

House sitting: If you’re interested in travel but don’t want to pay for Airbnb, house sitting is a way you can score a free place to stay.  You still have to do some work, but the goods outweigh the bads here.  Since it’s on a case-by-case basis, you’ll be working directly with a homeowner to determine the terms of your arrangement.  If you don’t know anybody to house sit for, you can try “Trusted Housesitters” and “House Sitters America”.

Hop a train: Thanks to the transit systems, it’s easy to get from Grand Central or Penn Station to New Jersey, Long Island, Connecticut or upstate.  There are amazing museums, wineries, plenty of land to hike and explore and much more!

Drive somebody else’s car: If you’d like some extra cash or want to travel for work, then think about signing up for a vehicle transport or driveaway service.  Most companies just require that you have a driver’s license and a clean driving record.  It isn’t something you can do often if you already have a full-time job, but it’s great if you just need to get out of the city.

Become a seasonable au pair: This is a great way to find a long-term and long-distance escape from the city.  The application and placement processes are timely, but getting to explore a foreign country with a host family is a unique and unbeatable experience.  You’ll need a valid passport and possibly a visa if you want to go overseas, and it requires a lot of preparation, but it’s a great cost-effective adventure.

Event-based volunteering: If you’d love to attend an event but can’t afford it, then you can try volunteering at the event instead!  Most volunteer opportunities ask you to cover one shift and in exchange get to attend the rest of the event free.