It is hard to believe as we in the north east are still living in freezing temperatures that The Masters will be played in eight days. Thats right eight days away. The Masters is one of the most coveted and watched golf competition of the year featuring the most talented crop of athletes the sport has to offer. With the tournament being just over a week away, one of, if not the most well known golfer has his appearance being questioned.Chevron World Challenge - Final Round

Tiger Woods has gone on sabbatical from the PGA tour which has accounted for 50 days away from competition. Adding at least 12 more days to his leave, Tiger announced he will not be playing in Shell’s Houston Open. With no competitive golf to have his game warmed up, many think that he will also be passing on the opportunity to compete in this years Masters. Tiger has not won a major since 2008, and The Masters since 2005. In total, he has collected 4 wins at the tournament but not in a decade has he been fitted for a new green jacket.

Nobody can say for sure what Tiger will decide as he weighs his options for participation. The golf icon participating has a significant effect on viewership and ticket sales so it will be interesting to see how the next week will play out.

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