Former NFL Super Bowl Champion and Oakland Raiders Quarterback Ken Stabler died recently at the age of 69. A report that travelled from the University of Alabama was confirmed by the Oakland Raiders organization stating Ken passes away as a result of his battle with colon cancer.Unknown-3

The “Snake” was a four time pro bowler always earned himself two national championship rings playing collegiate football for the University of Alabama. Notable contributors to the Raiders with Stabler include John Madden as head coach, one of the most iconic names in the game who said “.. he led us to a whole bunch of victories including one in Super Bowl XI.”

The Snake was atop the most accurate passers during the ten years between 1970-1980, and rivaled Steve Young as one of the best lefty quarterbacks in the history of the game. In two different seasons he led the league in completion percentage as well as touchdowns. Stabler has left his mark on the NFL outside of just his performance, he has also been a part of some of the games most iconic plays recorded. “The Holy Roller”, “Ghost to the Post” and “The Sea Of Hands” were all plays that involved The Snake. He was also robbed of a trip back to the Super Bowl by “The Immaculate Reception”.

Ken leaves behind a memory of his big personality and fun loving attitude. Always quick to offer an autograph, he leaves generous and good natured legacy that many of the league’s quarterbacks should emulate. Stabler was a true embodiment of Raider Football in the 1970’s. He always had a boyish nature about him during the week and was able to get the job done on Sunday’s.

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