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NY Jets – Chris Ivory

The New York Jets started off week 1 with a big win over Cleveland and much of it came from runningback number 33, Chris Ivory. We have all seen his powerful running style and no-quit attitude when he hits first contact, but not images-2we are seeing all that work come to roost. This year’s offense is a case study in best traits; QB Fitzpatrick has the Harvard educated brain, WR Marshall has the enormous wingspan, WR Decker’s instincts downfield are second to none and Ivory’s lack of self preservation is the straw that breaks the defense’s back. Chris has made his presence known by defensemen once he makes contact with them. After getting hit hard by a running back like Ivory, defensive players think twice before hitting him again.

Ivory is 6’2 and 222 lbs of anger running down the field. This helped him to run for 91 yards and two touchdowns vs the Browns this past weekend, 64 of those yards after first contact. This is the type of back that offensive coordinator Chan Gailey can, and did build a game plan around. He used the run to set up the pass and vice versa, but it all starts with a high yard-per-carry from Ivory.

The term “work horse” has started to get thrown around the film room lately to describe Ivory. The team watched as his bruising effect on the defense slowly wore the Browns down similar to body shots in a heavyweight boxing fight. The humble back will not be complaining to the press how he is not getting his touches either.

For years Ivory has been waiting to prove his multi-dimensional talent as he spent years behind the lead back in New Orleans, and after his trade to the Jets, he did not get many carries with marty Mornhinweg calling the plays. Chris can run hard, catch the ball well, and be a reliable health asset. Hopefully this season will prove to be a breakout year with 1,500 yards on the ground as the Jets impress!

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NFL Legend QB Passes Away

Former NFL Super Bowl Champion and Oakland Raiders Quarterback Ken Stabler died recently at the age of 69. A report that travelled from the University of Alabama was confirmed by the Oakland Raiders organization stating Ken passes away as a result of his battle with colon cancer.Unknown-3

The “Snake” was a four time pro bowler always earned himself two national championship rings playing collegiate football for the University of Alabama. Notable contributors to the Raiders with Stabler include John Madden as head coach, one of the most iconic names in the game who said “.. he led us to a whole bunch of victories including one in Super Bowl XI.”

The Snake was atop the most accurate passers during the ten years between 1970-1980, and rivaled Steve Young as one of the best lefty quarterbacks in the history of the game. In two different seasons he led the league in completion percentage as well as touchdowns. Stabler has left his mark on the NFL outside of just his performance, he has also been a part of some of the games most iconic plays recorded. “The Holy Roller”, “Ghost to the Post” and “The Sea Of Hands” were all plays that involved The Snake. He was also robbed of a trip back to the Super Bowl by “The Immaculate Reception”.

Ken leaves behind a memory of his big personality and fun loving attitude. Always quick to offer an autograph, he leaves generous and good natured legacy that many of the league’s quarterbacks should emulate. Stabler was a true embodiment of Raider Football in the 1970’s. He always had a boyish nature about him during the week and was able to get the job done on Sunday’s.

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Boxing Show Down

Boxing is a sport that has been lost to the evolution of excitement provided by things such as MMA and UFC. But the sweet science is not dead yet. There has not been a fight as anticipated within the boxing ring since heavyweights collided in the Holyfield Tyson saga. On May 2, 2015 the welterweight champion of the world will be crowned after the long awaited showdown between the two most prolific boxers of our era.floyd_mayweather_vs_manny_pacquiao

Pound for pound Floyd “Money” Mayweather and Manny “Pac-man” Pacquiao are considered to two of the best ever. Both promoters are considering this face-off to be the largest event in boxing history. While the histrionics of the event are yet to be realized, the money that is on the table for the winner and loser are most definitely at the top of the all-time lists. The two fighters will split an estimated $200 million with Pac-man taking $80 and Mayweather bringing home a whopping $120 million.

Purse totals are dependant on how the tickets sell for TV and live seats. With projections estimating the fight will sell out for the live viewing and set records on TV, it is safe to say people are willing to pay to see the biggest boxing event since Mayweather fought Oscar De La Hoya in 2007, the hype of which pales in comparison to this long awaited bout.

The MGM Grand plans to sell an estimated 250 tickets with the cheapest seat going for $5,400. Floor seats, right next to the action will most likely start at $7,500 face value and are being projected to be sold for $28,000 on the secondary market. This type of high profile pricing and hype may be just what boxing needs to rejuvenate its aging public appearance.

Be sure to find a friend who is buying the fight on pay-per-view or head to a bar or restaurant to see the action! It is sure to be an experience for the books.

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Mock NFL Draft Top 10

With the NFL combine finished, prospects have begun to work out at pro days located on their college campuses. The dissection of players will continue as teams and scouts weigh talent with potential and leadership qualities. Mel Kiper, is an expert in predicting draft rank for prospects through matching teams needs and draft class offerings. He uses a number of metrics to determine value of a prospect including but not limited to, physical measurements, medical exams, team interviews, and of course skills assessment. Kipers newest rankings of the top ten picks for the NFL draft is below with the assessments attached and reasoning for rank.

#1 Jameis Winston, Quarterback–Tampa Bay BuccaneersAri kellen Jamies Winston

Winston had a solid showing at the combine although showing up with a slightly frumpy figure. His powerful delivery of the football along with accuracy has him atop the passers in the 2015 class. His team visits will play a vital role in assessment for Jameis as he has a public image that can be viewed as immature.

#2 Leonard Williams, Defensive End–Tennessee Titans

Capable of stopping the run as well as rushing the passer, Williams has the potential to be one of the best in the game in a three point stance. The Titans sure do need a force like him, they came in 31st against the rush and 25th in rushing the passer. Thats out of 32 teams for those who do not realize the severity of the case.

#3 Dante Fowler Jr., Defensive End–Jacksonville Jaguars

Kiper fancies Fowler to Khalil Mack the breakout rookie for the Oakland Raiders this year. Fowler ran a 4.6 forty yard dash showing that he can close space in record time with a big body.

#4 Kevin White, Wide Receiver– Oakland Raiders.

Running a 4.35 forty yard dash leaves many defensive backs in the league shaking in their boots waiting for this rookie to hit the gridiron. The Raiders need a deep threat and if you let White run, he can leave defensives shaking their heads as he is dancing in the end zone.

#5 Shane Ray, Defensive End–Washington Redskins

The Redskins desperately need an upgrade all across the defense but most glaringly in the front 7. Ray had 14.5 sacks for Missouri last year ranking third in the country.

#6 Marcus Mariota, Quarterback– New York Football JetsMarcus MAriotta Ari Kellen

A pick that is near and dear to my own heart, New York needs a quarterback to lead them to a championship. Mariota has the intangibles that you seek in a leader but questions have risen about his ability to translate from Oregon’s spread offense to a pro style format, along with passing accuracy. This guy has the work ethic to prove the doubters wrong. If he does not get scooped up as a number 1 expect to see him on the Jets roster.

#7 Randy Gregory, Defensive End–Chicago Bears

Inverting their 3-4 to a 4-3 with new coach John Fox daaa Bears will need an edge rusher to disrupt passers and hold down the edge of the line. Gregory has it all, and it is desperately needed to help the Bears storied defense climb back to greatness.

#8 Vic Beasley, Linebacker–Atlanta Falcons

This guy ran a 4.53, jumped a 41 inch vertical and cranked out 35 repetitions of 225lbs bench press. In short he is an animal and will hunt down anyone holding the ball. Expect to see him in the starting lineup immediately, and making an impact.

#9 Andrus Peat, Offensive Tackle– New York Giants

At the heart of every team is their offensive line, which makes it worth investing in to protect your two-time super bowl winning quarterback. The best o-lineman in the class will add an anchor to the front 5 and hopefully give them push in the running game along with security in the passing game.

#10 Amari Cooper, Wide Receiver–St. Louis Rams

A solid defense in St. Louis calls for an upgrade to its offensive unit. Cooper runs great routes and has soft hands. Combine that with a body built to sprint and you have an all around great wide out.

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Giants Fans, Take It Easy On Tom Coughlin

New York Giants have had their share of ups and downs this season, but sitting at 5-9 their playoff hopes are all but delusional. While the season wraps up soon, many are looking to the activity that will pick up after the last whistle is blown. Coach Tom Coughlin finds himself on the hot seat once again this year as the Giants have not performed up to the standard they set for themselves. While winning and losing seasons are always the responsibility of the guys in charge, Tom Coughlin might not be the one who is screwing the pooch.Ari kellen | Tom Coughlin

Lets look at what he has accomplished over his tenure as not only a NYG coach but a football coach in general. Coughlin got his coaching career started in the NFL being assistant to Bill Parcells, an admired pedigree in today’s coaching world. He helped that Giants team win Superbowl XXV. Ring number 1. He later went on to become the head coach of Boston College, where he began as an assistant earlier in life, being the offensive coordinator for Doug Flutie. Then as a head coach, this guy turned BC into the storied winner that they are attempting to regrasp today. The highlight of that stint was beating #1 ranked Notre Dame in ‘93. Not too shabby huh?

He then got the chance to be a head coach of an NFL team, the brand new Jacksonville Jaguars. He took them to an AFC championship after TWO years in existence. He later finished his tenure there with two AFC championship visits. The most successful NFL expansion team in league history.

2003 comes along and the New York Football Giants hire this guy they’re so eager to get rid of today. Since coming on 10 years ago, he has made the playoffs 5 times, thats 50% for you math buffs. Of those 5 visits to the post season, they won 2 Superbowls, 40% boys and girls. All along the way Giants fans have been screaming bloody murder about getting rid of him. Giants fans, take it easy, your last super bowl was 4 years ago. And look at it this way, at least your not the Jets.

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